How to Locate a Doctor in Singapore

There are numerous ways in which one can locate a doctor in Singapore, and indeed anywhere in the world. The first and most obvious criterion to use is the specialty of the doctor in question. Singapore is a fast developing country, and the medical sector has not been left behind. In fact, Singapore is considered as the hub of medical tourism in the East. So, whether one is visiting, or planning to shift and live in Singapore permanently, there is the assurance of quality medicare regardless of the ailment one is suffering from. In addition to this, the country’s hospitals are fitted with the latest medical machines to make sure that proper diagnosis is carried out.

When seeking the services of a doctor in Singapore, it is important to know what the specialty field is. For instance, one who has specialized in the treatment of the heart and heart disorders is referred to as a cardiologist, while one whose field of specialty is women’s reproductive health is known as a gynecologist. A doctor who attends to children is referred to as a pediatrician while a dermatologist is a skin specialist. Making a difference between the different specialties is key since it will not only avoid time wasting, it may also end up saving life in case where one is faced with a devastating life condition. In the event that one is not sure of who to see, the advisable thing to do is to go to a general doctor who will then point you in the right direction.

The other criteria to use once you have identified the specialty of the doctor in Singapore, is to identify the proximity of the location from where one is. To do this effectively, one can go on the internet and narrow down the search by location. Alternatively, one can make use of the Yellow Pages as the same information will still be availed. Usually, a doctor in Singapore will have registered themselves onto a data base to make this relatively easy.

In case one has already had a prior appointment with a doctor in Singapore, then it becomes even easier since it means that another appointment is just a call away. Many doctors will give their patients a specific code with which they will be able to be identified with. In the same breath, the charges for consultation will normally be less at consecutive consultations, which is a good way to maintain rapport between the patients and the doctors.

Lastly, it is important to note that the qualifications of the doctor whose services you seek must be certified as this is the only way to know that one is registered.